Humans - Only 3 Needs and 4 Goals in Life

Sometimes we look at things, goals, and even achievements, as regular needs that we should have because we simply need them, but this is not always the case. As humans we thrive through different aspects of life, for some people, it is their family and well-being, and for some, it is their work or devotion towards something.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/23/20233 min read

2 Ways to Look at the World

We could simply see that we are not that difficult to identify (regarding primary goals), as we can aim toward family or work, however, both of them are interconnected and cannot be excluded from each other to provide human life fulfillment.

Life Fulfillment

The one billion dollar answer: how to get a fulfilled life? It depends on your background or how much you have studied about the subject, there is no right answer, as in the modern world we tend to pursue things that will not bring us happiness, such as money at any cost (despite health, family/social life and dreams), to impress people that you do not even like or the worst you do not even know! And finally for trying to “fit in” and follow the horde which normally is guided by other people's interests.

What Matters? The 4 Human Goals

Money, status, social life, family? All answers are correct but not WHEN pursued singularly. Money is a tool and just a fool will believe that you will be happy without it, struggling every single day to survive in our current society (not talking about people who want to live isolated in the middle of nowhere), Status is very welcoming as it is correlated with work ethic, influence, experience and impact on people's lives, making it another important tool, social life is fundamentally one of our primordial goals, as we must procreate, and this innate desire will always move us into social interactions, which bring a gigantic amount of fulfillment when done in a healthy way, and finally family, which is our base and foundation for life, that bring us several life lessons, love and nurturing our lives in many ways.

All 4 Combined

Enhancing the equation

To balance the fulfillment equation we need 3 real aspects almost every single day of our entire lives:
- Food

- Clothes

- Roof on top of our heads

All of them seem granted nowadays, but even nowadays with all this advanced technology, people are lacking in a few of these 3.

Land Connects Them All

Can you see that the 3 primordial needs of a human being (necessary to pursue the 4 main human goals) are directly connected to a place? And this place will inevitably be on a piece of land? From planting to raising animals for food and clothes to places for our industries and houses, all of them start and depend on land to work.

Land impacts strongly our primary 5 goals as everything starts from it, you can check our post “Community and Fulfillment: We are Smart but not often Wise” where we talk about how important is the community in our lives, and our post “How to make things happen” to help you with some insights and tools to understand land.

Connecting the Dots

Our “mission” on earth is to connect these dots in our own ways, playing human life is our unique chance to experience this short life and learn lessons, it won't be a straight line, and will not be easy, but who said that an easy life is a happy life? I invite you to reflect on this and I will see you in the next post.

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