How to Make Dreams a Reality

What is the difference between a dream of ours and making it a reality? It is not an easy answer, because our life is designed by a myriad of challenges and events that we have no control over. All these changing circumstances happen sometimes so suddenly that we do not even know how to react.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/19/20236 min read

We like to React

We are primarily human beings, meaning it is innate to us to react to threats to survive, but our brains and bodies have adapted from our ancestors' past experiences over hundreds of thousands of years which made us get here! They are legit reactions and may save your life at any moment if dangerous situations happen, but for our current real life, 90%+ of our challenges won't need a safety reaction, because we are safe almost all the time.

We are Safe

We are legitimately safe if compared with our ancestors, and you do not need to go very far away, around 200 years ago, would have been extremely more dangerous to live, can imagine you exploring the unknown west, crossing the desert, and forest with your wagon with your entire family and belongings? Burglars, Indians/natives, diseases, and animals, were real day-to-day treats. Your entire family and “assets” could literally disappear overnight.

Today’s Day

Keep in mind that in the past few decades, we got EXTREMELY safe in the sense that we take for granted a lot of amazing benefits, as police law enforcement protecting us, we do not need to kill anyone to protect us (normally!), ample access to the health system (i know maybe not the best, but go 100 years ago and tell me which one would you pick, I would pick Obama care all day long!!), plenty access to power, water and wealth through businesses and job opportunities giving us access to raise our families with dignity.

Our Behavior

Understanding that our brain and body are deeply rooted and built to protect us from real threats, such as a tiger chasing you trying to eat, makes our incredible brain and body not very well adapted to our perceived new threats!

New Threats

Today’s threats are not real threats, in the sense of life or death. Our brain uses these tools in our jobs and day-to-day life activities. Let’s say you are tired, and you get an urgent email or worse a call and need to solve it right the way. BOOM, from nowhere stress, anticipation, and anxiety go up! IF it was a tiger, you probably would be good with this behavior, as every single one of your actions would have been improved by these 3 factors. But nowadays it is maladapted because you won't really die off of this situation, and actually having your stress and anxiety at low levels would bring more benefits through mental clarity.

Mental Clarity

We have thousands of mini-stress spikes every single day that diminish our mental clarity. I truly believe that mental clarity and emotional control are the single sources for us to achieve big dreams. Nonetheless, I should say that our worst decisions are made when we are unbalanced and driven by emotions triggered by our environment.

Keep Calm

Integrity is the best way to influence others, if people see you doing things every single day, towards your goals and values, you inevitably will achieve some success in this aimed area, at that moment, people will notice how you developed and possibly will try to taste a little of it by themselves.


I am very careful with this habit because people tend to really believe what I say, even when I am dreaming out loud. This influence is a good contribution to your loved ones when used wisely, as you can help them maneuver the complicated thing that we call LIFE.

Make Sacrifices Easier

I am working on this aspect of my life at this moment, I have lived in 3 different states in the USA since my arrival here in 2017 from Brazil, and it is not an easy task as I do not have rooted memories in this country. After all this time, I noticed that something was always lacking in my life, and I realized that having a place to call my home, was a good way to overcome it.

Getting Clarity

You can check this prior post to better understand what I am saying Applying this strategy seemed and seems a very good way to appreciate all the goodness of this special country. Where I put myself (geographically) within a 9 thousand people community in east Texas to submerge myself in a new sense of community.

Mind Clear Better Decisions

Moving your family to a healthier environment is the best way to grow and improve them through community influence, (check this post to understand better ), relying on your integrity and self-love, helps taking this important decision for them.


Planning your goal is an expressive portion of your dream achievements (check our blog post about Dream for a better understanding, going back to our example, choosing the location, size, city, amenities, costs, and necessities that you and your family will need creating a straightforward plan with your new and clear mind will feel way less heavy, believe me!

Do Not Believe Me

TRY. Yes, TRY. In a world where science and evidence is the base of everything, do your test, and compare your actions and efforts, before and after cleaning your mind. With a clear mind tasks until then are almost unaccomplishable, begin to look clearer, and that “mist” in from of your eyes dissipates as you walk through.

Take Action

If you are interested in how to organize your next steps before acquiring your perfect land you can check our post- for initial guidance, or call us for quick guidance at 346-440-2424 or check out our website for available properties at, we specialize in real estate and we can give you a start on this new journey!

P.S.: Choosing the best place for your family is not only important but a demonstration of love.

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