How to Structure Goals

A lot of things come to my mind when I approach this subject, setting a goal and pursuing it is one of the most important things to do in life, in all spheres of life, it may be for your health, maybe a financial goal, acquiring your dream home or opening a business, all of them have one thing in common: it is a goal.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/29/20233 min read

Even if you are not aware of it, you do have a goal, and having a goal is not a differential to achieve anything in life. In a marathon every single participant has the same goal, running and getting there first, but only a few people get in the first positions and a big portion won’t even conclude the marathon, showing that having a goal won't get you there. Goals are important don’t get me wrong, if you do not know where you are going you won't get anywhere. What differs a goal from the real achievement of it, is your actions. Consistent actions toward your goals will make you get there.

Everyone has a Goal

Consistent Actions

You can call it a habit, if you take daily steps towards any goal, you will inevitably get there, as every single day you would approach it closer. Most people get stuck in the goal-planning phase, and the inertia and lack of actions keep them stuck, demotivating them by their own lack of action. Demotivation is the natural state of mind when things get difficult, they tend to push us down, mostly if we have big dreams. It is when creating daily habits to move forward every single day is crucial for success. A very quick example: I am writing this post, but a few minutes before starting I was dueling with myself If I should skip it, as it is not my current priority in business, however, I stopped myself and said, it is not a short-term priority, but the blog is a long term priority, if you don’t put the effort you will never get there. And know that's why you are reading it.

New Things may Push you off Track

It is so easy to lose sight of what is important that you have no idea, so keep in mind that having the environment dictating your daily goals is one of the worst options that you can consider in life, because we normally look forward to dopamine spikes on our brains, that comes in big quantity through novelties, maybe an email, call or Youtube video, get your total attention, taking you always of your daily necessary actions for the long term goals. The only way to keep moving on long terms is to get dopamine rewards from daily activities, from literally everything, since making your bed, exercising, meditation, washing dishes, organizing your table, washing the car, whatever you do on a singular day, should in some sort bring you some dopamine spikes, and only if you learn how to associate victory/reward on daily mundane tasks you will probably be able to achieve long term goals.

Evaluate Goals

Another important aspect is to learn, that anything that you will have as a final goal is final and written in stone, because it will be different, does not matter how far you plan ahead, the random aspect of life will push you away in different ways, that you won't be able to predict, meaning a flexible plan is necessary. Having the necessary flexibility to navigate the market, life situations, and changes will make you more likely to achieve any goals in life. Keeping this specific value “turned on” is necessary, but never skipping the necessary steps of each day will get you where you need to be.

What are your Goals?

I have probably dozens of goals that I am working on each day according to the importance of it, but let me ask you, in your current life situation, what makes you excited, or happy about it? Let me know and I hope I was able to give you some insight about it.

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