Disposable Houses

This morning I was talking with one of my clients about one of my future projects of building affordable houses in local communities here in Orange County TX. It is still a long-term goal, but it has been in my mind for decades actually, as I have brought this desire since my years in civil engineering back in Brazil.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/30/20233 min read

He asked me why I was excited, and I told him I had some new projects going on, then after explaining a little about my current goals, I told him that I was approaching the start of a new idea, of building affordable houses, and how scalable it could be an on business perception and at the same time how GIGANTIC impact on low-income families it would have. The idea is not anything outside the box, but no one is doing it, which is the simple idea of offering a product that is not available in the market. Today, people are craving to buy their own homes, however, they have the idea that a new home should be a gigantic expensive $300k + market value house, which is not the reality for the majority of the population. My idea would be to bring a more durable, high-quality affordable-priced home to the regular worker, giving them more dignity, accessibility, and pride in their lives.


Quality x Disposable

For some weird reason, the USA has a gigantic demand for new homes, and the system adopted was a very low-durability type of house (frame houses), in all other countries in the world, brick and concrete houses are the standard as they have way more lifetime and allow you to keep your asset for several years without needing to dispose it due a termite issue (as a simple example). Consuming a lot is the current idea and value of the market, but it is not sustainable anymore, and we are seeing the signs of it in the economy, making people buy low-quality products, won't help them to save and grow in life, only to depend more and more on new things, pushing even more the boundaries of the environment, what is terrible if you understand the long term consequences,

We Have Only the Now

I understand only one thing, we just have the now, the current time, the present, and if we do not take any actions to prevent this gigantic crazy consuming tendency our faith will not be good. Maybe not for me or you, but maybe our grandchildren will suffer today’s short-term decisions. To make my project work I still need to go over certifications, permits, evaluating business models, ISO, quality control, and more, but from a business perspective if we don’t defy the current odds we will never get there.

I am Ready for the Challenge

I can tell you one thing, I will take the necessary steps every single day to try to achieve my goals, I have no idea how it will come through, but I know that if I make it right, a lot of people will benefit from it, starting from my own business (which must thrive) to every single future client, that will be able to enjoy their high-quality house. Will it be a standard project? Not, every single aspect of this project will be far away from conventional techniques, however when implemented will give the clients access to a higher quality house, which will perdure way longer, helping each customer to go ahead, based on unnecessary expenses on disposal products.

Next Steps

By 2024 I will be diving deeper into this project, and you will probably see it through my YouTube videos at https://www.youtube.com/@lookforlots or my website www.lookforlots.com, where I always display my opportunities to my clients. Questions? Call me at 346-440-2424 and please, keep moving forward, it is the only way to live and change our future odds!!

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