Your Land is Fundamentally Your Toy

In the past few weeks, we have discussed all the major benefits that land can bring you and your family. But during all this time I have not mentioned my favorite one, which is FUN. I understand that we need land for safety, security, reassuring values, and community creation, however, this hidden benefit that we call fun or joy is sometimes not mentioned. What I like the most is to tailor the property based on my needs. From the color of the building to the yard's disposition, what I am going to plant, animals, birds, my surroundings, every single aspect of your property is part of your life, and having the possibility to modify it to better accommodate you brings a feeling of freedom and excitement.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/14/20234 min read

Is it For Me?

I believe that a property is a season of a person's life, I would not recommend a property where you need to put time and effort into a college student for example, when I was in college I barely had time to sleep, having a property to care and develop would have brought me more anxiety than happiness.

If you are in a phase of your life where a small downtown apartment or in any fancy area, or even any apartment complex or rental house, makes no more difference to you, meaning the short-term comfort amenities, as “I do not need to care about the yard”, I am close to the grocery store, I have 300 restaurants around me (realizing you don’t even use them anymore), amazon prime delivery’s same day…. I believe it is time to change.

Time to Change

When nothing about your current life brings excitement, adventure, and challenges, it is time to make something new, challenge yourself, be bolder, and look for a new path. Life fundamentally has no meaning, besides, being happy. I understand that happiness will vary from person to person, but fundamentally growing towards whatever you consider interesting is a good path. Taking a step forward toward a new adventure and moving to a new place where you exercise all your creativity locked into your brain due to the lack of opportunities to apply it in your past living places.

Creativity and Fun x Comfort

Everyone strives for comfort, and we as humans have the innate goal to save energy, be safe, and prepare for the future, however, we are living in an era of plenty of abundance, where a low-income person has more comfort and food than a king 500’s ago! A lot of people envision comfort and an easy life as an ultimate goal, which I would disagree with, we can relate a similar aspect to games. Can you imagine playing a game where you could win without any effort all the time? I am 100% sure it would get boring in just a few minutes as we need some friction to feel the emotion of victory when overcoming it.

Friction: The Way to Go

I love to put myself in uncomfortable positions, but you just need to be careful not to put yourself in such uncomfortable positions that you want to give up all the time. The new challenges will bring new emotions and every time you overcome them, it brings more fulfillment

Stages of Growing:

  • Understanding you need to change

  • How I want to change

  • Where I would like to move for my new adventures

  • Modifying your property

  • Building or rehabbing

  • New or expanded friendships/community

  • Yards

  • Crops

  • And much more…

Every time you advance to the “next level” or “next phase” you feel the happiness of the accomplishment. It can be broken down into distinct phases:

As when we were kids, our property could be considered a toy, as we could play around as we wish and develop every single decision based on our emotions and desires.

Tiny Steps Toward Happiness

If you are feeling overwhelmed just to see these steps, you may change this feeling by looking at a different perspective, as Leonardo da Vincy wrote, you should look at any problem from at least 3 different perspectives to solve it. Changing your perspective and understanding that the friction is actually the game where you can apply all your knowledge, creativity, and energy, making you grow in new directions aimed by yourself, bringing the emotions decided by you, getting results that are aligned based on your beliefs, that at the end will be incorporated into your life bringing ease, happiness, and feeling of growth.

Time to Take Action

Action is the only solution for anything in life, in the helm where we live, actions + direction will get you there, you should not try to “lay down and plan every single stone” of the entire path perfectly as it will go in all directions inevitably, but aiming and correcting through the course of a project will get you there. An amazing life is waiting for you, are you ready?

If you are interested in starting a new chapter in your life, let us join you in this adventure, contacting us at 346-440-2424 or check our website giving us the opportunity to help you find a nice place based on your needs!

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