The Vital Role of Community in Property Ownership

In today's fast-paced world, as skyscrapers pierce the skies and cities buzz with life, the way we perceive property ownership is changing. Many opt for renting, lured by its convenience and flexibility. However, in this shift, something profoundly important seems to be slipping away - the deep sense of belonging, the pride of a place that's truly yours, and the cherished spirit of community that comes with property ownership.

Guilherme Oliveira

9/25/20237 min read

A Changing Landscape

The convenience of renting has become a norm, but what are we leaving behind in this pursuit of flexibility? Maybe fear? I listen very often to how liquid we need to be, how dangerous it is to invest in property and have no liquidity. But how does it reflect on your life? Can you imagine if you have liquidity on the risks of having a family? It may mean never getting married, or never having children. Basically, you are ready to flee from your country to protect money for survival. There is a famous phrase that says: How you do one thing is how you do everything!

Today’s Behavior

We are so focused on our self-development that we forget the essence of life, which is community. And by the way, there is no wrong in putting yourself first, we are human beings and we are wired to be this way. However, living a life where safety and comfort is your primary goal doesn't mean to be on the right path to sustainable growth. And I truly understand that we need to seek our goals, but to what extent? Let's analyze a few of current behaviors that do not match at all with our US ancestors who fought and died for our current rights.

The Convenience of Renting

Renting offers undeniable advantages. It provides the flexibility to change locations easily, adapt to evolving circumstances, and relieve us of the burdens of property maintenance. It suits the transient nature of modern life. However, is convenience the only factor to consider when it comes to where we call home? For me renting should be a phase in someone's life. Renting is extremely important, mostly when you are moving to a new city, starting your life in a different place, overcoming a problem in your life, or even just accomplishing some projects until you get to decide where you want to settle down. Renting is a useful tool when used properly and towards specific short-term goals.

The Missing Piece: A Sense of Belonging

What's often missing in the rental equation is the profound sense of belonging. Owning a property means planting roots, and forging a lasting connection to a place. It's the difference between staying in a temporary residence and investing in a lifelong journey. Imagine knowing that the home you inhabit is yours, a space where you can shape your future and contribute to a thriving community which you may shape as you please by putting your “face” and essence to it without asking for permission.

Are We Equal?

Fundamentally YES and NO. We all strive towards the same goals, happiness, safety, a place to call home, and even for those who consider themselves “stand-alone” persons, studies show that human connections, as close friends and family, are one of the main points of happiness, basically normal and healthy relationships should be one of our goals as well. Every single person is unique and at the same time equal. We diverge in ideas, style, colors, genders, etc., but this does not change we are all humans, and being part of a community is a big portion of our happiness and feeling of fulfillment.

Pride in Ownership

When you own your property, a unique sense of pride accompanies it. You become a steward of your space, a custodian of your community. Every improvement, every garden tended, and every corner decorated is an expression of your individuality and your investment in the collective beauty of your neighborhood. I am personally redesigning my front yard at this moment, not only to make it functional and attend to my own needs but at the same time I want to improve the curb appeal of the neighborhood to join my neighbors making it more “pleasurable” to drive by. Beauty is a big expression of the human being, and minor details are not only a simple perception or detail, it is a sign of care, love, and attention of you. Where you put your attention it grows (for good or bad)!

The Spirit of Community

One of the most profound benefits of property ownership is the sense of community that blossoms around it. Neighbors become more than just faces passing by; they become friends who share common interests and goals. Together, you build a harmonious and supportive environment, one that transcends the transient nature of contemporary living. You have no idea how important the curb appeal of properties is. Do you know that several studies show when one person, or a few people from a street, have their house so well organized and beautiful they influence their neighbors positively? Making them clean and organize their own property? Keeping in mind that you do not need a bunch of money to keep your grass on time, trim trees, remove trash, fix basic light fixtures, and external decorations. Attention and care, even when you have an old house, make it look good. There is a charm in old houses, but only when they are very well kept. Similar feeling when you see an old car well conserved.

Use What You Have

You may be saying, ok Gui, but I have no money, time, or even health for it. I believe every single person has different challenges in their life, from the financial standpoint for lack of time and energy. I am a big believer that we must optimize our lives, several times we (yes I put myself on it) waste time on things that are not important, such as social media, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc., eating processed food which were made to consume you, creating huge spikes of dopamine and short term pleasures, stealing from you the please of small special things and moments THAT ARE EXACTLY what life is about. Being aware of how your body works, and reflecting on it will make you happier and allow you to enjoy the small things of life, starting from a simple hot coffee in the morning to being grateful to be alive on a beautiful sunny day.

The Foundation of Lasting Relationships

Owning property is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about building relationships that endure. You are more likely to engage with your neighbors, collaborate on local projects, and foster a deep sense of camaraderie when you have a shared investment in the community. It's a foundation for lasting friendships and support networks. As a community we are stronger, segregation at any time is already a lost cause. Having a strong relationship makes you not only happy but stronger in good and difficult times, business opportunities are made of connections, and having the right people knowing you will make your life prosper.

A Place to Call Home

Ultimately, owning property means having a place to call home. It's more than a physical space; it's a sanctuary where you create memories, nurture your family and friends, and cultivate a sense of belonging. It's a place where you take pride in your surroundings, knowing that it's a reflection of who you are and what you value. Even when it is still not your dream home, it is a step in your life, where you can practice all the fundamentals keys of happiness and growing factories, as community, pride, and if for any case you have no pride in your home, it will push you to create new alternatives to move to your dream home, discomfort was made to get us to next level, if you are in this phase, keep in mind that it is a useful tool to grow.

Balancing Convenience and Connection Disruption

In the pursuit of convenience, we mustn't overlook the value of connection. Owning property strikes a balance between the two. It's an investment in your future, a source of pride, and a catalyst for community spirit. It offers a sense of belonging that no temporary residence can match. The simple term temporary means a BIG deal, even if you love your home or apartment, and you are in sync with your community, happy and feeling fulfilled, guess what if the landlord decides that needs the property back! Yes, you lose this secure place that you call home! All energy, style, routines, and close locations that you loved the most, are now gone, and if you have no available space nearby, you may be moving to a new community and having to start everything from scratch. Keep in your hands your own timing, and destiny owning your place.

Conclusion: Nurturing Community Through Property Ownership

As we navigate the changing landscape of property ownership, let's remember that the sense of community is an integral part of the equation. Owning property isn't just about having a place to live; it's about fostering a deeper connection with your surroundings and the people who inhabit them. In the end, it's this sense of community that transforms a house into a home and a neighborhood into a vibrant, thriving place where you truly belong. Start today to think where you would like to belong, not an easy task, but follow your heart and when finding a region that matches your values, it is time to think about long-term fulfillment.