Proud of Yourself: Strange Ways to Get There

This is a subject which I personally work hard to get aligned with my values. Being proud of yourself nowadays is not a simple task, it is more likely to look like a quest! We have all kinds of influence and interference in our lives, mostly with the current media, which inputs so much negative information aiming to simply grab our attention (through spiking our dopamine levels through fear) and make money off of it. I was listening to a podcast yesterday with Chris Williamson interviewing Scott Galloway, and the subject was “The Next Generation is in Trouble”, I personally do not know him because I do not watch the news or open TV, but he seems to be someone famous on TV (BBC or CNN not sure), but he was talking how FOX and CNN do everything in their power to grab our attention, they do not care if the information is real or not, they are only focused in the audience and making money, as an example they showed 29 times in a month that the gas went UP and only 1 time that the gas went DOWN.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/12/20234 min read

TV: The Start of the End

I often ask myself how to be more productive and feel fulfillment in life, and during all my studies, running always from big fake news and open TV is a good way for that.
The negative messages impact your life in ways that you can not even imagine, who watch TV and especially the news, live in a negative world, where everything is going down and the apocalypse is coming, without realizing that the news is making millions of dollars over their spent time on TV! Not only that! They often advertise bad behaviors, such as eating trash food / processed food and sugar, and incentivizing the use of alcohol as a “meaningful way” to cheer and enjoy life. If you are like me and are more interested in feeling proud of yourself than giving money to BIG corporations that care only about profit, you are in the right blog post.

They Sold us the Wrong Ideal

Basically, the current narrative that was sold to everyone is that comfort should be chased at all costs, consuming is the way to happiness, and “freedom” is renting and leasing, as you won't get attached to anything, and by that, you are “free” and finally numbing yourself from the world through social media, tv, and addictive foods is the way to go. Being proud of yourself is not simple to explain, but through simple daily activities and good habits/behaviors, it can be achieved. Accordingly Robert Greene in his book Mastery, we need around 10,000 hours to master something in our lives, and to make it unique we should use all our past experiences to create a unique way to contribute to other people in a singular and special way, being useful in a unique way is one of the most important ways to grow in life and get huge results which improve the world but the most important makes us useful which brings fulfillment in life.

An Amazing Story of Overcoming Yourself

This subject is very broad, but singular activities may increase your fulfillment in a way that you can not imagine, I was listening to a YouTube about plating organic food in Brazil, and a lady called Arlene Muller 70 years old was extremely radiant about her crop of organic food and telling how important it was in changing her life in ways that weren't possible to describe. She started having diabetes at 35 years old, including a high level of anxiety, which was stopping her from sleeping for days in a row in the past few years. When she reached 60 years old, the health plans started calling her for “coffin pre-paid plans”, saying that she should prepare for the inevitable.

But at that time she took THE DECISION to turn the game around, something inside her said, I will not listen to them I will turn this game over and I will live longer and healthier. She started looking up on the internet for solutions, where she found healthy diets to prevent diabetes (that by the way is a diet-related disease), then found out about growing her own organic food and its benefits for her new diet, and finally found a course that taught her how to plant and harvest organic food PROPERLY. She got valuable lessons and incredible results, first, she left diabetes behind, second, she learned how to control her anxiety through practical understanding that everything has its own time to happen (by Robert Greene learning something in a practical way, meaning hands-on, is the best way to learn and understand things). She was so successful in her endeavor that her entire family wanted her tasty organic food and fruits, last but not least, she is as happy and healthy as ever, she said that in her 70s feels better than in her 30s.

Is there a right way to fulfill or feel proud of yourself? No, but is just through actions we will find it out.

Your Way is the Way

My understanding of her story is how important her family, her land, and her actions could change her life by 180 degrees, from sad to happy, from sick to healthy, from uninformed to wise. If you are interested in having your land and trying out some new adventures in your life, check our website. We have amazing opportunities to empower you to start changing your own life!

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