Opportunities Don’t Wait on Us

What is an opportunity? It can be defined in several ways but mostly would be a situation where you could take advantage of a specific short frame of time. We all have needs, and due to the gigantic amount of options that we have today, it may be overwhelming sometimes, however, if we do not take action, the right opportunity for us may pass and never get back again.

Guilherme Oliveira

11/4/20233 min read

I want to exemplify a day-to-day opportunity that is available to everyone and is not that scarce, but still a short time frame decision. I purchased a backhoe tractor, and I needed to grease that machine all the time, I got very annoyed with doing it manually, as it takes time and real sweat effort to get the process done over dozens of grease fittings, so I decided that one day I would buy the cordless grease machine. Literally a few days later after I told myself that I would purchase the tool, I got an email from Harbor Freight, “Buy two batteries and get a tool for free”, so I thought, "such a nice promo, let me check the tools, and boom! There was the desired tool, for free! Then I reflected a little to see if there was any other catch, but no, was exactly that, buy batteries and get the tool!

My Opportunity

Thought to Action

I closed my email, and the scarcity of the promo was in my mind, just keep in mind that I was aware that Harbor Freight's persuasive email had only one goal, make me buy batteries, which would push me to buy assorted new tools in the future, we always need to understand that a exchange will be done. I was comfortable with the idea of buying at that point, but not with the idea of going to the store, as I was not able to buy it online. The idea and advantages were in the back of my mind. I would need to drive around 25 min to get the deal and of course, pay for it, I had to convince myself that it was worth my time, and then I decided to stop at Home Depot and Lowes to pick up some ordered materials for our current house rehab. I could see clearly the beginning and the end of my actions, and at about 5:30 pm I left towards the opportunity.

Do not Overthink!

Not only would I need the tool, but it would save me time and money in the future, due to the speed added to the necessary checks of a heavy machinery required every single day, however, the key point of everything was not to overthink! I had 2 options, just forget about it, and probably when I really needed the tool, I would buy at full price or worse pay the price of time and slowness of manual work every single day. Some problems will come and go a few times a year or in a lifetime, however, if you do not fix them when they appear, you may live and experience the pain of not fixing them every single day! My example was very simple, and almost not important in a lifetime period, but I see clients of mine, postponing the decisions to buy properties that make 100% sense for them to buy, as it was in a perfect spot, size, and pricing tailored for them at that period.

Opportunities Pass

I have a post that talks about a client who has not bought the property in front of his fiance's house, he is probably overthinking about it until today, but we got a new buyer for that land and hopefully, we will close by next month. My question is, what are the chances of a similar property popping up in front of his fiance's house for sale again? First, she would need to move for it to happen again, lol, but the most important thing is that he missed an affordable opportunity that matched all his requirements.

My Question to You

What opportunities may you be passing right now? Your new dream home, or land location? Let us know, we always can help you on the real estate side of deals, our phone number is 346-440-2424, or check out some opportunities at www.lookforlots.com.

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