Lives Are Like Seasons

Today is a cold day, we are transitioning from fall to winter very soon, and every single day we get a little closer as we are approaching December, it made me recall a basic principle of human being life, the time frame of life for itself.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/24/20235 min read

Life is not a Straight Line

Sometimes we think we need to reach certain standards to have a properly accomplished life, in a manner there is, but it is not as rigid and easy to see as we think, lie may take us in several directions and we should be wise enough to take steps towards our goals.

Standard Steps

We normally keep the idea that life will be set in a way and that way is the only one. The today’s most known process is going to school, high school, maybe college or a more technical course, entering the workforce, marrying, having kids, retiring, and dying. Is it wrong? Not totally, but it missed a lot of nuances.

Nuances of Life

We try to simplify us, to certain steps that FIRST do not fit every single person and do not necessarily represent all the variables in this equation. E.g.: Who said I can not retire before having kids or even better, why not have a profession that I love that much and never retire from it? Every single person will have a different path and is up to us to be attentive and feel the right way.

The Right Way

Of course, there is no right way, even when things go wrong at first glance it may seem bad, but normally we are just learning lessons to be applied in the future. The most important thing based on my view of the world is taking steps toward things that challenge us a little more every day (just do not do gigantic steps very often or you may break your willpower to keep growing) and you will be in a good direction.

What is a Big Step?

There are really big steps I will try to represent here a few of them, leaving home first time and taking care of yourself, marrying and/or having kids, acquiring your first property or car, testing professions and work types, every single one of these processes forces us to new realities, and should be treated with attention, not because they are really a huge thing, but because they are big for who we are at that moment, and for that person in time, it is a big step.

Yourself in a Timeline

You need to imagine that in each phase in life, we had different challenges, in the beginning of life was a big step in learning how to walk, talk, and even learning how to go to the bathroom by ourselves (such granted skill as this one, but at some times it was a big step in our lives). The important takeover here is not what step we are talking about, but understanding the new big steps are just an occasional phase in your life, and they will diminish in intensity as we move to bigger ones.


YEP! You will feel it, since the 1st day in school when everything and everyone was unknown, to our first love, everything was new some discomfort with some excitement were present, “300 emotions” running all together, but we survived, correct? Be aware that these experiences can be considered seasons in life, meaning different “emotions” for unique phases of the year in the timeline of our lives.

What is the Best Season?

The answer is simple: the current one, knowing yourself and your current needs is the best way to decide the next step. Due to my line of work, real estate, I am always in touch with people’s big challenges in life of choosing their first or next place to live or an investment property. I am very thankful to consider myself experienced enough to help and guide people on these aspects of their lives because as with any initial big step, it will bring fears and doubts.

Move Regardless of the Fear

Fear may bring paralysis in our lives, maybe stop us from taking any step further, or create an invisible barrier, called seeking infinite information before taking the next step. Let me tell you a thing, you will never know everything about any topic in life if you do not put practice into evolving it, even if you try to study for years before starting or doing anything, any person doing practical moves every day will get way ahead of you.

Dreams Become Real

Dreams literally happen if you take steps forward every single day, and I can relate several cases where I saw people buying their first piece of land, and now have their own home, even if took a few years for them to accomplish it. Check our post “Proud of Yourself: Strange Ways to Get There” to deepen yourself in the idea.

The Final Real Deal

For whatever season you encounter yourself in, just realize that is a learning phase, try to learn as much you can, and then MOVE. Move even under unsure situations, and later on keep managing as it grows. If you need any more insights or tips about life decisions, mostly when related to real estate you can check our blog at, and if you may find yourself on your “real estate season of life” you can give us a call at 346-440-2424 or check our website for some options at

Final thoughts, what season in life are you?

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