Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Property: A Timeless Dream

In the quiet moments, when the cacophony of daily life subsides, we all yearn for the same fundamental things. Every individual, regardless of nationality, aspires for life, liberty, and the certainty of property. While these ideals are often associated with the American dream, their roots run deep, transcending boundaries and echoing throughout history.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/2/20232 min read

The Ancient Roots

of Modern Dreams

Centuries ago, philosophers like John Locke argued that the most fundamental rights of humans were life, liberty, and property. Such beliefs weren't confined to the Western world. Across oceans and continents, from the bustling markets of ancient Mesopotamia to the vast kingdoms of Africa, property and liberty were cornerstones of prosperous societies.

The Modern Thieves - Taxes and Inflation

Today, there's a shadow that lurks, threatening to undermine these sacred pillars. Taxes, alongside inflation, often feel like a modern way of pilfering from the masses, subtly chipping away at our hard-earned liberty and property [1].

Inflation, Economy, and the Fear of Today

With surging inflation and economic uncertainty, particularly in the USA, whispers of apprehension spread. Yet, amidst the unease, our foundational values remain unchanged.

The Resilience of Communities

History has shown that governments often falter, but the spirit of communities prevails. It was never the ruling bodies but the families, neighborhoods, and communities working in tandem that enacted lasting, meaningful change.

A Universal Dream

Life, liberty, and property aren't solely American aspirations. They're the dreams of the shop owner in Marrakech, the farmer in rural India, the artist in Brazil. These ideals bridge the gap between cultures, reminding us of our shared humanity and collective dreams.


While the challenges are real, the dream is far from dead. It's up to us, the global community, to come together, rise above the ephemeral challenges, and ensure these timeless ideals thrive for generations to come.


[1]: [Inflation, Taxes, and the Modern Economy]( - An exploration of how inflation functions as a hidden tax on savings and purchasing power.