How Land Can Make Your Mind Healthy

The majority of uninformed people believe that land is just a necessary step if you want to build a custom home, if you are looking to have a ranch, maybe they think it is only a safe investment to have your money “deposited in”, and fundamentally they are all right, but they are missing the most important benefit of owning land that is the opportunity of having a healthy life.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/13/20236 min read

Land Can Provide the Following Advantages:

  • Safety

  • Fulfillment

  • Legacy through family

  • Better body health

  • Better mental health

  • A place to unleash your creative and dreams

This blog post will talk specifically about better mental health, (wait a minute you just said mental health?! Through land? ) Yep! This is a very broad subject however I will help you to open your vision about this subject guiding you through the main opportunities and benefits that your own land brings to your mental health. Our minds are incredible tools, but for them to work properly we need to create some good habits, such as balancing our diet (no fast food! please), exercising (I love the gym for this), learning how to manage our emotions, all combined will bring the best results to properly manage your mental health. I will approach every single one of these 3 subjects in future blog posts, but for today I will focus only on the direct benefits that owning a piece of dirt can make to your MIND.

Land an Opportunity for a Social Life

Land is the perfect place for reunions, where you can bring your family and friends to enjoy memorable moments. Can you picture yourself doing a nice 4th July party in your back yard, with a fire pit and friends together enjoying fireworks. As human beings we must have social interactions, after the 2020 pandemic [1,2] we can clearly notice the gigantic increase in anxiety, depression, suicides, and many more diseases due to a lack of human interactions (NOP! Online meetings, AI 3D Reality, and video calls can help to soften the loneliness but will not replace real human interactions). When we are together as human beings we connect in several ways, including direct eyesight, touch, smells, body behaviors, the love hormone Oxytocin [3,4], feeling of inclusion, and serving other people, all of them after applied to different social activities and their combination of effects make us happier, improving our mind health.

Family’s Memories

One of the most important aspects of being human is to procreate, it is innate in us, and having a piece of land is the perfect place for creating lifelong memories. I can recall that the most important memories of my life were made when I was a child, and they are basically all connected to my parents, siblings, and of course to a piece of land where my house at that time was placed. My parents still live in the same place, and every time I visit them all sorts of old memories come back, since the memories of my old bedroom, and old dreams, I can see how much I improved since then, food memories, happy memories, sad memories, all there, a connection with the place, all of it created and composed the main values which I follow nowadays. Land is not the end of your goals but the way to start living a more whole and fulfilled life. Settling memories with your family is not only important but ultimately is your legacy for future generations.

FUN! Your Land as a Playground

Yes, we grow, we get older, and we have thousands of responsibilities, but let me tell you a secret (we are still kids inside!) and land can unleash a few of your inner kid's desires. Besides all the studies about how important is creativity in the human brain, based only on my own experiences at my recently acquired 1.6 acres ranch (I know, not that big, but a lot to do here) I was able to have such an amount of fun, doing the most basic chores, from fixing basic stuff on the building, planning my future crop, buying a tractor, to meeting the neighbors (which was very rare to happen in Houston downtown! That was my prior residence place), thousands of Youtube videos to learn new stuff, and contact with the earth.

The amount of energy that I am spending is gigantic but for some reason, I do not feel mentally tired, I am eager for the next day, instead dreading it. Having fun, and being able to use creativity to solve issues is an incredible tool to improve your mental health! A healthy brain is a happy brain as well! And welcoming a piece of land to enter into your life is a good way for it!

Contact with Earth

As everyone is 100% aware, we are all connected but at the same time disconnected, this is a modern problem created by the lack of contact with the earth. This subject can be approached in several ways, I will focus on the scientific way of brain improvement, but there are spiritual benefits as well. The majority of the time human beings are on earth, we were always in contact with nature, including rivers, earth, crops, forests, animals, etc. In the past few centuries, we started to live in confined spaces far away from it. When you have direct contact with Earth you will balance your internal energy, we tend to accumulate a lot of energy from all electrical devices, grounding ourselves into the Earth and having an exchange of energy to balance [5,6] our body, keeping in mind that is very practical advice and based in simple scientific measurements (nothing spiritual), discharges your body on earth, that is equally similar to having a ground wire on a house electrical system, fundamentally we are leaving behind any energy excess from our bodies

Land a Place to Expand

All the benefits are correlated to direct mental health benefits, which will improve your entire life, and I am not even touching on diet aspects through organic crops, financial benefits due long time appreciation, legacy for your family, and social benefits with your local community. I believe that land is the perfect place to let your dreams and creativity come out from designing and building your dream home to raising your family in a healthy environment helping to create memorable memories. A healthy mind is a healthy happy life.

If you are interested in grabbing these benefits, give us a call at 346-440-2424 or check our website at and initiate your new healthier way of living today!

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Disclaimer: All the opinions and strategies above are based on the author’s personal experience and beliefs, and are not necessarily true for every single person. Do your due diligence about it and for special mid-health-related matters seek professional advice.