Grounding Yourself

Yes, I really mean this, grounding yourself to the earth. For some reason, this subject seems too much “woo-woo” or hippie, however, it is very simple to understand and test. One of my friends said that she was using a grounded bed sheet, and it has helped her to sleep over the entire nights of the last 2 weeks, a thing that she had never been able to do in her entire life.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/31/20234 min read

I value her words, so I decided to take a look at the documentary about it. She was extremely energized and even a little euphoric, as I never have seen before and only that was enough for me to take the risk of testing the idea. The documentary's name is The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary) with 6.7 M of views as of today in November 2023. I was busy so I did not watch it fully, while I was doing my lunch chores I was quickly convinced that it could bring benefits to me, based on scientific facts, after almost 24 years of studies about this subject, we can see evidence that it would be beneficial.

Grounded-Sheet Story

Taking Action Procedure

In this world where information flows everywhere in huge amounts, we tend to filter and ignore what is not important (or seems not to be), in my case, at this moment of my life I am very focused on being the healthiest I can be to have the necessary energy to accomplish my goals. I apply several tactics every single day, and adding more sometimes seems impossible, but this specific one, requested almost zero effort, which made it possible for me to use. I am always positive about changes, meaning I will give it a try if I can see signs that the people involved in it seem to have a work ethic, and values similar to mine (family, health, work). I take what they can and from there I will do my test to see if it works for me.

Skeptical People

Of course, I started a discussion about the idea with my close friends, a few came out positive with the idea, and a few were very skeptical, and wanted me to test and prove to them if it would work. I am not that type of person, when I have a vision of benefits in my life through very simple steps, I will test it, just in case, because it makes no sense to me, to procrastinate a technique that may bring a gigantic benefit to my life. The funny thing about is the skeptical person in my group, asked me to prove in every single way that it would work, but when I offered to give it as a present to all my close friends, he was the first to put himself in line to get the product, what makes no sense to me if you do not believe on it, you shouldn’t crave for it, right? This is the type of person that does not invest in long-term benefits, only short term comforts.

Are you a Long-Term or a Short Term Person?

There is nothing wrong with either type of person, the only thing is short-term people tend to suffer in the future as they do not invest time and effort today to collect benefits in the future. The future benefits tend to compound over short-term tasks, meaning, bringing much more to your life than whatever short-term decision you take. I am going to use a very basic example from my life, I do have a small leak on my camper roof (the fiberglass window has several little cracks), which I tried to fix 3 times now, but I did miss one small crack and I found this morning a few drips of water inside my camper. Why am I trying so hard to fix it so hard? First is because I procrastinated the repair job for 2 months, which made me watch, think about, and spend energy, every single day on it, mostly when was cloudy or raining, the amount of time and energy, including labor to clean and protect the inside to avoid damage, consumed several hours and energy that could have used in more productive ways.

Productive Ways

If I had fixed it 2 months ago, I would have first, protected my asset better, avoided hours of thinking over a small easy fix and finally done what was supposed to be done anyway. This is a simple and very basic example, of how procrastination towards an unavoidable task will bring you so much extra thought and time-consuming actions, that it makes no sense to let it be too late. Doing what you know needs to be done, will not only give you more time but will free “RAM memory” in your brain to create more important things. Could you see how important such a simple task is? It may have taken dozens of hours off of my life.

Address it Today

What is in your mind right now that should have been solved? Addressing the issues will make your life not only better but lighter because your brain will be able to forget about it and move to the next thing. Let me know your thoughts and what you will attack and solve today!

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