Getting Energy to Achieve Your Goals

In today’s day, we have all sorts of new technologies, electronics, nice cars, smarth phones, and access to literally all world information in the palm of our hands, but one the primary things we often lack in life is ENERGY.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/21/20235 min read

What is Happening?

We have evolved in many ways, the chase for comfort is gigantic in our current society, but even with all these advances, we often need to drag our bodies out of bed every morning, and “try” to grind through the days. We are using all kinds of substances trying to overcome this, starting with our beloved morning coffees and many are using pharmaceutical products for “extra energy”.

Why is This?

We focused so much on comfort, abundance, and pleasure, losing the understanding of how the human being was forged and created. This topic is huge and has several ways to proceed, we could talk about diet, exercises, supplements, learning to balance emotions (meditations), and breathing from the nose (not mouth), however, I will focus on one simple but effective strategy: Sleep!

Sleep is the Way

Sleep is such an important part of animals in general that it can not be denied, it should be unnegotiable, you can see that after thousands of years, all animals evolved and kept the sleeping process, and if it was a dispensable habit, we would not have it at this point.

Almost Everything Sleeps

Almost all animal sleeps, birds, cattle, dogs, aquatic animals, reptiles, etc., if we all evolved to keep such “time-consuming” task, why should we in modern society try to extend our days and reduce our nights as much as possible, breaking this millenary habit?

We Need to Close our Eyes

Sleeping is one of the most efficient ways to get the necessary energy to accomplish goals, when you are under sleeping your productivity goes to a frenetic 40%, meaning that pushing 5 days without sleeping 7 to 8 “well-slept” hours may cost us 60% in reduction of our effectiveness in a due week of work. If you work 40 hours per week, you would be wasting 24 hours of work

Errors Hold You Back

Making errors is normal, you just need to ask yourself why they happened, reflect on it, get the lesson, and move on, it is not an issue at all. But making unnecessary errors, for lack of sleep is a choice! And choosing to make errors is an energy-draining habit which will keep you away from your dreams.

Where Did You Get it?

I have read about the subject and listened to a special podcast about the importance of sleeping (check references) and how it can influence us to get better results.

I am Fundamentally Lazy

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a workaholic, and I put into practice several types of habits and routines to best perform. But I will tell you a secret, I just do it, because I hate (laze) to drag myself and grind during the day, I always choose to have full energy and do everything naturally, using the flow of my body to get things done.

What to Do?

I will describe 5 techniques below that you may start today!

  • Go to bed every day at the same hours and allow natural 7-8 hours of sleep

  • Use your bed only for sleeping to reinforce the habit of sleeping in your body

  • DARK, yes as much dark as you can, including turning off any devices

  • Do not eat at least 3 hours before sleeping

  • Drink caffeine only in the morning, as it takes up to 6 hours to clear

Simple but Effective

If you are looking to build, mostly when you want a custom new home, a licensed professional will be needed, you can initiate this search by asking for a list of them from the county/parish or city, which they may have available, helping you to engage with a new company or person that will help you.

Energy - it is Good

With energy, everything becomes simpler and easier, you “get the day” and not the “days get you”. It is not only energy, but it also brings a lot of healthy benefits, from better energy to health prevention such as Parkinson's, dementia, fog in the brain, etc.

Test A-B

I am normally very skeptical about new things, but if someone expert in this field says that if I manage to sleep 8 hours on average every single day, my life would improve much much much more, my question is why not? Keep in mind that sleeping is good and we like it, but with the right habits in place, you can get better results.

I Can Do Use the Energy

With a new energy and a clear mind, you can apply your skills to virtually anything you wish! We love to talk about land and its usage in your new future in this blog which demands way more than normal achievement. I consider a very good use of your time and now full energy levels to work towards your goals, including the long-term ones.

Stock Energy

Stocking your new full-level body energy is possible, do you know how? Simple: investing in things that may hold or increase value, I personally invest in real estate, which historically will appreciate during the time, and that’s where I place my energy every single day.

Start Today

If you are interested in applying your new vital energy in real estate you can give us a call at 346-440-2424 or check our website for new options

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