Follow-up: Fear of Unfamiliarity

That's the continuation of the prior story where some new discoveries brought me new insights. First, yes we were able to close, and finally, we moved on this property, but my perception about the client's choice has changed a little.

Guilherme Oliveira

11/2/20235 min read

As I said before, I do try to put myself in the client's shoes, however, we normally have almost no clue about their lives, making it hard to deeply understand what is happening. After the closing, we were talking about a random subject, and he told me that was building a house, then, I asked him: is it for investment or for you? And he told me that was for him. He showed some pictures, and he was building, literally a gigantic house, probably 5 beds and 2 baths, and 3 car garage on a 12-acre lot in the biggest city of the region.

Your View of the World

My Impressions

After this conversation with the client and about a few more topics, I could understand why he felt so confused and with almost no patience to understand the closing process, that I believe was due to his current task of managing the house, which probably is consuming a big portion of his life for the past months, high levels of stress is normal during a building phase. He knew it for sure he knew he was paying more on interest, and his decision was not made only for lack of understanding or lack of “math skills”, he was doing it mostly for comfort, he did not want to prolong the mortgage process, because he wanted to move to the planning and project phase right the way, without needing to take precautions about have it paid in full before starting building.

Energy Consuming Processes

I do the same sometimes, I do pay for some things to speed up or remove from my way, so I can focus on the next thing, it is a way to relieve the brain from wondering about another thing in your life. In his situation, he probably has a lot on his plate, and getting the final document (Warranty Deed), and moving forward with his goals was worthy of the extra interest. It wouldn’t change the results. Yes, he could have used our mortgage, 100%, but at that point for lack of knowledge or even trust in the process, he decided to move forward in his own way. I hope in the future, we can make new deals, and maybe he will go with our owner-finance program.

We Pay to Remove Pain

Yep, pain is a big portion of us, and we do try to remove it as much as possible, and when possible, or when it has bothered us for too long, we take the initiative and solve it, and sometimes, we need to pay or hire someone to solve it for us. My lesson. Every single person has pain, and it will direct their actions, do not try to understand everything upfront, just ask the right questions! What lessons have you learned recently?

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