Community and Social Impacts: FEAR and DISSONANCE

Among several topics that a person may need to encounter in his or her life, fear is one of the most common but the least addressed. We live in a society where people love to fake, to push through, and “to plow over your own emotions” in spite of addressing the real cause/root of it. I am not sure if I am going too off-topic here, but in my own life every time I addressed my own fears and doubts I was able to overcome the challenges presented in front of me.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/11/20233 min read

Self-Sacrifice is Not a Virtue

We can define fear in different ways, you may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have fears, I could die for my family right now and I am good with it”, self-sacrifice is not a virtue when done without necessity, in my perception millions of people are sacrificing their health and live spent for immediate comfort using the excuse I have no time, I need to work! But if you look at yourself, you may be spending hours on social media, eating trash food for immediate comfort, and the worst, leaving your family away, ignoring them during the only times you are together, meaning the main purpose of the excuse (for my family) it is not matched by your actions due the dissonance of your acts regarding them.

Fear and Uncertainty - Overcome to evolve

I am not here to define what is right or wrong, you can define what you look for in your life, but in my vision FEAR is a bigger factor in our lives and our community feels it every single day.

The uncertainty of today’s time brings us FEAR, is not because we are really going to starve or lack on capabilities to overcome it, it is in big portion a FEAR of the unknown, I would like to invite you to stop a minute and think about our past generations, they endured way more and were able to thrive, correct? and we have way more resources nowadays, why won't we be able to pass through it? Are we mentally and physically prepared for today’s time? I do not believe in it. Okay Gui! I got it, but pointing out issues will not make people better! Take it easy, I am getting there!

PEOPLE. That’s the Problem and the Solution.

I truly believe that a strong community will thrive, regardless of the economic aspects of the presented issues of their time. When we support each other, without segregation we can grow as a community, evolve into better human beings in general, and get a real understanding of what real happiness is.

When you establish yourself in an area, you are not only buying a place to sleep, you are bringing all your values, solutions, and of course problems! Every single person is on his or her own journey, but each one of us has suffered and overcome something in our own lives, and when working as a community helping the local people using our life experiences and talents, we don’t just help someone, we improve and become the whole, the best portion of i is the subsequent feeling of fulfillment that arises from your actions, it has no price!


I want to ask you to consider the opportunity to establish yourself, and your family (or maybe future family) in a community where you can start your project of fulfillment in life overcoming fears together.

Based on the author's life experience and view of the world.