Community and Fulfillment: We are Smart but not often Wise

Smart but not wise, we as humans are considered the smartest animals on the earth, but sometimes we look like the least intelligent, why? We follow trends and have habits that destroy us in all senses, I can quickly point out very simple examples that we tend to consider normal as using APPs that spike high addictive levels of dopamine in our brains, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, pornography, games and the new trend 3D META virtual life (and any others that may pop up within the next few years!)

Guilherme Oliveira

10/10/20233 min read

Why are Addictive Patterns Not Good?

These things were made for 2 simple reasons, FIRST, get us addicted (I include myself in it) . I try to avoid social media as much as I can, and every time I lowered my guard, “BOOM” I wasted hours of my life for no reason! These media are dictating by influencing our consuming behaviors and our ideology as well.

Community and Fulfillment

You may ask: Gui, what is the point of it and community and fulfillment?

It is very correlated! First, our current media tends to convince us that it will overcome what we lack, but actually, we are not wise enough to identify it, and the false stimulus through addictive foods, addictive human behaviors, and addictive social behaviors that make us spend our precious time and money on things/behaviors that at the end will not bring us fulfillment.

Chasing Status - The False Route

As humans the contact where we live is important, and thinking that it will not affect us is foolish. But solely chasing status that normally were driven by social media whose primordial goal is to take your time and money, through pictures, videos, and advertisements, does not connect people or help you to find your path and route for fulfillment, what connects people is community and actions achieved together.

My Goal for Property Ownership

One of my goals is to provide people the opportunity to buy their property because it increases the sense of belonging, the sense of pride, and the value and love for the country. When you own your property you tend to care for and keep it in good condition, the property is a reflection of how you feel, which is not found when you are a renter, due to the lack of attachment to the property.

Social Media Ideology

I understand the media sells the idea that renting/leasing is the way, flexibility is everything and comfort at all costs is real freedom, but it goes against all human nature, and seeing the US losing its main principles of liberty and property ownership makes me sad.

Owning Your Property

Owning your property makes you freer because you can control your destiny, makes you proud due to the important and difficult achievements in your life, and makes you safer as you have an asset that will be appreciated over time.

Returning to the TOP

In my opinion, this country is not in recession, it is lacking a return to basic principles and values, as per family, health, property ownership, and faith (faith/religion all works if it improves you as a human being).

The First Results of Grow

I was driving by one of my sold properties and my client just installed a brand new mobile home on it. I was so proud of him. He is a very hard worker on oil plants, and he just secured land about a year ago and now has his own home!

Property Ownership

Owning your property and active relationship with your community is what brings real fulfillment in my opinion. People need people, that's what we need essentially.

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