Artificial Intelligence and Land - Economic Opportunity

I am not sure where you are in life at this moment, but a BIG DEAL of the moment is artificial intelligence, most known as Chat GPT 4.0 (as I write this post). This technology has so many promises that we do not even know what to expect, it will evolve all markets, without any exclusions. It is exciting and at the same time terrifying, if not approached properly.

Guilherme Oliveira

10/16/20234 min read

Fear or Excitement

It depends on what side you may encounter yourself at this moment, a lot of people have so many doubts about how it will impact their work, that fear is their drive when related to this new technology, for others, this new technology will unlock so many possibilities, that the excitement to fully get deep on it, makes them lose their sleep (in a good way!).

New Technologies bring Comfort

We got so used to using new gadgets that appear every single year, they are affordable, cool to use, and make our lives so good, don’t they? And I see a tendency to trust that someone, or something, will work to bring this amazing technology, to improve our lives. I see people as well who truly believe that the online world is the future (which I agree) but they are neglecting a little the real world day-to-day reality.

Short-Term Impact

It is impossible to prevent these new changes, based on several specialists (I will give some references below which I am basing this post) but there is no doubt that HUGE improvements and productivity levels will arise, not only bringing fast and good solutions but also at an affordable price.

Are Affordable Prices Good?

100%! However, we need to understand that affordable prices come from a very productive production line, that is so optimized and at a low cost, that it inevitably will need special conditions to happen.

Workforce x AI (Artificial Intelligence)

A lot of repetitive (and boring) processes done by humans will be replaced by AI, increasing productivity but at the same time eliminating the need for humans in the process, making them dispensable, and to thrive in today's market, companies will need to reduce their workforce to thrive.


When you have it defined, discussed with our family (or with a friend or partner if it is just yourself) if all the desires are shared or making sense in the short and long term.

First Steps

Start searching for properties, even if you do not have the budget yet, to understand the differences between the properties, realtors are always open to answer your questions, don’t shy about it, and market research is necessary. Keep in mind that professional real estate people may help you to sell your current house to use as a down payment in the next one or even hook you up with a good lender to open more purchase options.

Action as Primary Goal

Moving forward is the only way, as much as we wish, pray, or meditate about, there is only one way to get things done, and that is through consistent actions. I use the first tips, to keep me in a good state and make myself ready to take any necessary action that will lead me to the next goal.

Move toward the Unknowns

As we go, new options, people, and opportunities will appear, that is why you do not need to plan every single portion of the process, as it will be molded based on the steps forward taken every single day.

Quick Shortcut

You always can rely on professionals who know their work, for example I have worked with real estate literally since I was a teenager, working with blueprint projects at 15 years old, I became a civil engineer at 23 years old, and just as an investor buying and selling real estate since 2017. I can quickly understand the needs of my clients and guide them to the best alternatives.

Dreams are Closer than You Think

Following the ideas above you can reach your goals in ways that you don’t even imagine because the action process will get you there. Start today drawing your new history, we have an ample diversity of properties available on our website, or give us a call at 346-440-2424.

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