Abnormal is the Real Normal

In our current society where we are told that immediate pleasures and comforts are our ultimate goal, makes us question things that seem true to us. I would like to use an example from Dr. Gabor Mate on episode 193 of The Diary of a CEO on YouTube, that says: The concept of normal is based on the statistics of the number of people doing something, regardless of whether it makes sense or not For example: “If everybody mistreats your dogs, and you don’t, you would be the abnormal”

Guilherme Oliveira

10/17/20234 min read

What is Normal?

Since the 70s society was told that everything was safe, that was okay to spend as much as you could, that consuming everything as much you could was good, and that not saving is okay! We can point out this post in several directions from the economy to the current health reality, which mistreats us through unhealthy diet behaviors based on short-term pleasures.

You are Always in the Second Plan

One of the biggest “achievements” of today's world is to show that you sacrifice yourself for work. Keeping in mind that I do consider myself a workaholic, but at this point in my life, I do put a set of rules to not destroy myself for no reason. How many times have you caught yourself working after midnight and eating whatever food you had in the fridge before going to sleep? In the past, it would happen to me a few times every month.

Attention to your Surroundings

Not paying attention to yourself or to what is happening in your present moment, makes you a target for those who have strategic techniques to persuade us through advertisements. And it is not only for consumables, it is related to human / community behaviors. When you are not aware you opt in for someone to lead you without your decision making.

Focus on What Matter

Observing what happens nowadays, shows that we are having normal responses to an abnormal set of abnormal circumstances. Having frustration, depression, lack of energy, and lack of fulfillment is just a normal response to abnormal behaviors such as chasing for immediate pleasure, dropping down family values, and healthy behaviors. When we try to position ourselves as being someone of “old values” you may look like the abnormal person in the room.

Fake Storytelling

You are capable of it! Yes, in all senses, you do not need anyone to guide you as the answers are within you at all times. No government, no politics, and no “right economic market” will make you thrive in your own life. Making you think that you need something, someone, or some government to solve your problem is the fakest storytelling of the world, used basically to maneuver people to their interests.

Feel if it is Right

The feeling of something being right in our lives is important, we clearly can see that something is “smelling bad”. All this immediate comfort of having the perfect apartment condo where people do everything for you, or renting a place where you do not need to be attached to anything, leasing a car which you can change at any time, or outsourcing your diet to companies that exploit your money without considering your health, they all bring short-term comfort, but. Does it feel right? Do you really feel better? Not to me!

Take it Back

Awareness is the only way to prevent “considered normal behaviors” from leading your life the wrong way. One of the primary achievements of someone's life, which has been true for hundreds of years (if not thousands) is land ownership, which becomes a legacy and a safe port for you, your family, and even future generations.


Changing will be the most difficult situation because you will become the “abnormal in the room”. However, the benefits sown by you will be reaped in a good abnormal way. While people strive for comfort and short-term pleasures, you look to building your legacy, which won't be only a safe move but will bring life fulfillment in some sort.

My Belief

I believe that empowering myself to work on my own ideas, such as protecting my family, working on my land, and being the captain of my ship, is one of the biggest achievements, but it is only possible if you take control of the situation.

Grow with your Land

I have discussed in previous posts, how important is land in your life (check the link here https://lookforlots.com/community-and-fulfillment-we-are-smart-but-not-often-wise), but the idea is that having your land will bring you a sense of community that will impact and empower you in several GOOD ways.

Today is the Day

If you believe that our current environment does not feel right, join the community of people who look to strive by taking control of their lives, and start today to plan your next move, it may be to get healthier, spend more time with your family, or engage on your own next home or land. We can help you find the perfect community that will help you re-align your life and become freer and more fulfilled. Check our website www.lookforlots.com or call us at 346-440-2424 for more information.

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